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Aubade, Paris's love song to lingerie, is a beautiful premium luxury intimate apparel and swimwear brand. Aubade's exquisite silhouettes, intricate laces, and feminine detail truly enhance a woman's sensuality and give her that special feeling of love and romance. We at Aubade like to say that our product is made for both women and their men...because at the end of the day, shouldn't our lingerie be all about love?

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Spring/Summer '22- T3

Euphoria, represents the desire for extravagance, to be unique.

It’s about bringing out what was only on the inside and defying codes with intelligence, creativity, and biting wit.


Euphoria is the strength of a new momentum: a message of audacity and optimism. It’s an ode to self-expression and freedom. A desire to break free and play with the unexpected. 


Euphoria sees color as a manifesto, expressing itself through a bountiful, vibrant range where the hypnotic softness of pastels blends with an explosion of bright tangy tones. Sweet madness where the power of words and a profusion of color go hand in hand.

This season’s theme is based on the interplay between frenzy and poetry. 

From this exhilarating extravagance, utopia is born. It takes the form of a fantasized tropical forest: a surreal, dreamlike universe where the strangest aspects of the natural world propel us into a new dimension.


The bold animals verge on the limits of abstract art. Flowers become exuberant, almost supernatural. 

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Autumn/Winter 2022​- T1
Making time for things, taking the time to do them well, to do them better. This process of preserving and perpetuating is at the heart of our lives and our values.

This return to our roots, to craftsmanship, to know-how, is a journey to rediscover our origins. We explore the farthest reaches of our heritage. Our explorations lead us to a treasure trove, a cave of wonders.

The poetry of passing time gives us the opportunity to pay a fundamental tribute to femininity. A symbol of history and memories, our journey reveals the wealth of stories all around us.

Bright palettes of green, ocher, indigo, and earth, transparency, and textural effects are essential to the collection. All this guides us through spirituality, ornamentation, bohemianism, and ethnicity.

These different fusions open a perpetual dialog between our past and our future.
Step into a unique botanical universe. For Fall/Winter 2022-2023, Aubade invites luxury brand Iris Van Herpen to create an exclusive capsule collection bringing the Dutch fashion designer’s unbounded creativity into the world of exquisitely crafted French lingerie.

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Permanent Collections
This season Aubade has created an incredibly delicate and refined line for a fresh, sexy and modern effect. Our essential Aubade collection, each rich in their own distinctive embroideries, laces and luxury fabrics, give our customers a lesson of seduction for everyday wear.

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Vice President:

Andrea Gaines


Phone: 201-747-4743

Easton Call Center

Lauren Brickman, Manager


Phone: 917-834-8243

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