Aubade, Paris's love song to lingerie, is a beautiful premium luxury intimate apparel and swimwear brand. Aubade's exquisite silhouettes, intricate laces, and feminine detail truly enhance a woman's sensuality, and give her that special feeling of love and romance. We at Aubade like to say that our product is made for both women and their men...because at the end of the day, shouldn't our lingerie be all about love?

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Holiday 2020

For the end of the year, Aubade offers you inspiration taken from the shimmering costumes of the Opera. The lavishness of stage costumes is reinterpreted with 

 combining very rich embroidery with beautiful silhouettes that give rise to a thousand fantasies. 

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Fall 2020
A Night at the Opera with Aubade
The ecstatic sound of the applause. The buzz of a curtain call. The beauty of a powerful soprano. There’s very few things in life that can make you feel like a night at the opera. But this season, those symphonic theatrics are entering your intimate wardrobe thanks to Aubade. The heritage French lingerie brand is dedicating their autumn/winter 2020 collection to the artistic symbiosis on the stage, with the Aubade woman in the starring role.
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This season Aubade has created an incredibly delicate and refined line for a fresh, sexy and modern effect. Our essential Aubade collection, each rich in their own distinctive embroideries, laces and luxury fabrics, give our customers a lesson of seduction for everyday wear. Click here to sign In for prices and more information

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