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Easton International Medical Services 

Easton International is a U.S. based brokerage agency representing reputable brands and manufacturers for over 35 years.

We aim to create lasting partnerships and provide healthcare solutions. We achieve this through long-term factory affiliations, expert logistics, and relationships in both the government and private sectors.

Easton International and Lauma Medical have partnered to bring PPE solutions to North America and Europe. Through this partnership, we've navigated disrupted supply chains to deliver desperately needed Personal Protection Equipment to healthcare providers on the frontline. We're honored to provide FDA-CE Certified supplies.

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USA Warehousing

Expert Logistics

FDA Certified


Medical Supplies - FDA Certified

  • N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask

  • KN95 FFP2 Respirator Mask

  • Surgical Masks - Type I, Type II, Type IIR

  • Isolation Gowns


Industries Serviced

  • Hospitals

  • Dental Offices

  • Food Services

  • Schools

  • Long-Term Healthcare

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Easton International Medical Services Contacts

Vincent Nasserbakht

Phone: 847-337-3813


Linda Sagman 
Phone: 914-255-8889
Fax: 732-909-2336

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