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Portfolio of Brands
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Women's Lingerie

Men's Underwear

Women's Swimwear

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Women's Lingerie

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Women's Lingerie

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Women's Lingerie

Women's Legwear

Men's Socks

Children's Legwear


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Women's Lingerie

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Womens Lingerie

Logo LOU Black Fblanc.jpg

Women's Lingerie

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Women's Legwear

For Retailers

Site members can access all materials they could possibly need to be well-equipped buyers and sellers of Easton Brands...catalogs, pricelists and all other materials of our most current collections.

To go to our page for retailers and sign in or create an account, please click here.

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Item of the Month

Our brands have the most beautiful product- why not celebrate it? Check back every month to see our favorite, click on the item for more information!

Working from Home

Virtual Appointments

We're bringing our sales appointments online! As a way of adapting to the new normal, we are now offering online appointments for the current and new collections for each brand Easton represents.

To schedule an appointment with your brand representative, please click here.

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