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Cheat Sheets LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of their innovative, dissolvable, liquid-less laundry detergent sheets. Cheat Sheets offer a laundry experience that is hassle-free, spill-free, and environmentally conscious. Finally, Laundry Made Easy with Cheat Sheets.

Introducing Travel Packs!


Travel Packs are small in size, big on convenience.

Lightweight, so they're easy to pack.

Liquid free, so there are no spills.

Pre-measured, so they're hassle free.

Cheat Sheets eliminates the hassle of doing laundry with pre-measured, ultraconvenient, dissolvable laundry detergent sheets.

We understand the challenges of traditional laundry methods, from messy liquids to heavy detergent jugs to sticky pods and powders that don’t always dissolve.

We've revolutionized the way you do laundry by introducing a convenient, efficient , lightweight and eco-friendly alternative.


Cheat Sheets focus specifically on what you are washing!

We offer specific individual formulations based on your laundry needs:

Gentle: Specifically formulated to be easy on delicates and extend the life of lingerie and wool

Swim: Engineered to remove chlorine odor and salt water stains to extend the life of your swimsuits

All Purpose: Specifically formulated, ensuring cleanliness and freshness for whites and brights

Cheat Sheets Representatives

Linda Sagman

West Coast

Phone: 914-255-8889


Dianne Ketner


Phone: 586-675-5066




Andrea Gaines


Phone: 201-747-4743



Lauren Brickman

East Coast

Phone: 917-834-8243



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