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Falke, as a family-owned company from Germany, has been the leading luxury legwear brand since 1895. Falke is a family brand, with extensive legwear collections for Women, Men and Children, as well as activewear. All Falke products are made by Falke with the highest quality standards, with excellent attention to fit, advanced knitting technology, and using only the finest fabrics that give the customer the optimal hosiery or sock-wearing experience. All of these qualities, as well as Falke's high fashion aesthetic, make up the world of Falke.

New from Falke


Daily Climate Control Underwear
Active Temperature Regulation, Egyptian Cotton with Viscose


Daily Comfort Underwear
Luxury Cotton Stretch, Egyptian Cotton

Falke Representatives

Linda Sagman

Phone: 914-255-8889


Frank Cardullo

Shoe Store Account Manager

Phone: 617-901-7731




Vincent Nasserbakht

National Brand Manager

Phone: 847-337-3813



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