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Maximizing Your Digital Presence Part II

Course length

33 Minutes

Maximizing Your Digital Presence Part II


Kristine Eckart

Kristine joined Easton International in May 2016 and is now our Operations and Marketing Manager. With a retail and editorial background, Kristine knows the value of impeccable fit, dedicated customer service, knowledge of the fashion industry, and the ability to help customers find their style. Kristine knows these values are what make any company in the fashion industry stand out. She uses her experience and knowledge to manage Easton’s Public Relations and Social Media, in addition to her other administrative duties. As a writer, Kristine understands that every person has his or her own story, and the clothing they chose to wear should reflect a part of their story. Kristine looks forward to working with your brand to share its unique point of view.

About the course

Expanding Customer Research with Social Media. Just in case you missed our CurveNY Webinar, Please feel free to catch up here, and to download a PDF of the webinar content below!

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